Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Victor Bayne from the PsyCop Series

weekly meme from The Unread Reader:
Talk about your fictional crush!


I stared down at the sink as the water dripped from my hairline. Cripes. Jacob Marks kissed me, sorta, and I was too busy choking on a pill to get into it.

White Collar's Matt Bomer would be perfect for Victor Bayne.
Ok. When Matt Bomer is all suited up as Neal Caffrey for a White Collar episode, it's hard to imagine the man who plays the stylish ex-con also playing the fashion-challenged psychic Victor Bayne. And yet I think Matt would be perfect--especially when we catch glimpses of him relaxing in plaid shirts and those adorkable glasses. (No, I don't think Vic wears glasses. But he does share Matt's black hair and pale blue eyes.)

And Vic Bayne is a meaty role--this guy has issues. When he's not solving homicides as a 'psycop,' he's popping pills to dull his sixth sense and stop the dead from haunting him. His love interest, the very non-psychic Jacob Marks, has a hard time understanding why. In fact, Jacob shakes his head at Vic when they first meet:

"One in every five hundred people is certifiably psychic, and they're all clamoring for something to shut their talent off. What kind of sense does that make?" he asked. There was a friendly lilt to the tone of his voice, but the look in his eye made his words feel like more of a challenge.

Well, didn't he know his facts and figures? I ran my hand up through my half-wet hair. The mirror reflected it back at me. It stood up in a crazy, black thatch. I needed a haircut.

Matt Bomer
Between his pill-popping, his crazy-high abilities as a medium, and his bundle of insecurities, Victor is a handful. Fortunately, Jacob seems up for the job of boyfriend/caretaker. But one book isn't enough to guarantee them a happily-ever-after, which is fine with me. I'm in the middle of the series, and loving every moment of watching the two men solve crimes as  they continue to adjust to each other. This series can go on forever, as far as I'm concerned--especially while I'm busy imagining Matt Bomer in the leading role.

Matt Bomer


  1. I love Matt Bomer. Did you ever watch that show... agh... what was it called? *thinks* Traveler! I was so sad when it was canceled.

    And Victor sounds like an interesting character. I'm a huge fan of m/m romances. *blushes*

    Thanks for participating this week, glad to have you back!

  2. Hey Missie!

    I got into Matt Bomer through watching White Collar. I've never seen Traveler--I'll have to fix that. I've watched Bomer in old episodes of Chuck though. :)

    Thanks for the welcome back--I had a wonderful vacation, but I missed the meme!


  3. Oh I might have to pick up this book and TY! for those pics of Matt. Yummy!

  4. OH Matt Bomber is gorgeous ~drools~

  5. Beautiful and great artist Victor Bayne