Thursday, May 5, 2011

TBR Thursday: Fireflies

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Fireflies by Lacey Reah

Genre: Fantasy; F/F Romance; Romance; Vampire; Urban Fantasy

Goodreads BlurbLinda is a calculating, career-driven woman whose perfect world is shattered when she is seduced and transformed by a vampire-like creature called a nymphomite. Linda becomes a beast, feeding off the energy of orgasmically-charged blood. 

Convinced that her humanity has faded away, Linda adapts to her new instincts of hunger and sex. She hunts women primarily, for their longer and more frequent orgasms, and becomes a master of prolonging and intensifying their pleasure. But she never expected to find a woman like Jesse, and Linda's decision to spare her life instead of feed off her leads to a shocking turn of events that will make Linda question her beast-like identity and the humanity she thought she had lost.

Why I can't wait to read this: Vampire novels aren't an automatic read for me, but a vampire novel with a romantic lesbian twist is--especially one that promises two strong women and (I'm guessing) some serious moral dilemmas.  I intend to, ah, sink my teeth into this by the weekend . . .


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